WANTED: Service Dog Trainers & Assistants!

Your Vote WILL Count | Purina Impact Award

Purina Dog Chow is currently running a Visible Impact Award Contest for US veterans who are matched with service dogs trained to mitigate their partner’s Post Traumatic Stress. The field was narrowed down this past July to only five national finalists and our newest service dog team, Sondra and Bo

Summer Training Tips for Hot Weather

Training in Hot Weather In our last newsletter, we provided ideas for training in rainy or cold weather. Many of those ideas work for hot weather too, so here are a few things to remember. How hot is too hot? Most references on training in hot weather indicate that if…

Wilson Summer 2023 Update

Wilson!!! We know everyone enjoys updates on our pups. Wilson is now 8 months old and just under 60 pounds. We continue solidifying or “proofing” his foundation skills by having adventures at Sunset Cliffs, restaurants, coffee shops, and stores. It sounds fun, but remember, he is still very you

Comfort Corner—Summer 2023
Date July 1, 2023

By Marilyn Davis Pawsitive Teams Volunteer Like pebbles thrown into still water, Pawsitive Teams dogs spread comfort—ripples in a pond. It’s often said, regarding our connection with our dogs, “love goes down the leash.” But we also need to remember that our dogs can sense our negative as well as…

Hospitalman 2nd Class Cork Reporting!

by Kim Elliott (Live-streamed and found on the Naval Medical Center San Diego Facebook page.) On June 5th, at the Naval Medical Center San Diego, Pawsitive Teams Facility Dog Cork and L.C. (Facility Dog from Southeastern Guide Dogs), received their official ranks on newly designed uniforms. Captain

A Variety of Workshops

This year, we have had a Secondary Handler Workshop, a Listen to Your Dog Workshop & several Tricks Workshops. Each workshop is designed to enhance our skills as dog handlers and coaches, and the workshops are led by volunteers. In the Secondary Handler Workshop, teams learned techniques for instructing a…

It’s a Family Affair

We’re happy to announce that two English Labrador Retriever brothers from Washington State recently joined the Pawsitive Teams Service Dog Training Team here in San Diego. These one-year-old black labs are handsome, full of life, and clearly love people. They were met by their Aunt Cricket, also a beautiful black…

We’re Expanding our Facility Dog Program!

What happens to dogs that have been service dogs-in-training for two years but just aren’t exactly right to be Service Dogs? At Pawsitive Teams, we have often asked these dogs to change careers and become Facility Dogs. We placed our first Facility Dog in 2006! A Facility Dog is a…

A Word from our Executive Director— Summer 2023

From the Executive Director’s Desk….   We hope you enjoy this issue of the Pawsitive Teams quarterly newsletter. You’ll find articles on our newest service dogs in training, a review of the workshops we hold for our therapy dog teams, things you can do to train your pups when the…