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The Pre-Application for San Diego Veterans Service Dog Placement is not a formal application. It is an inquiry so we can learn more about you as a potential applicant. We will not require the formal application process until we feel we have an appropriate dog. Inquires will be kept in our files for future matching. Potential Applicants are screened to determine individual needs and the ability to benefit from a service dog and to provide a safe and healthy environment for a service dog.

San Diego Veterans Service Dog Placement Pre-Application Confidentiality

Please be assured that all information related to your condition and needs provided shall be held confidential by Pawsitive Teams. None of the information will be released to any agency or person outside of the Pawsitive Team’s training team without your express written consent.

San Diego Veterans Service Dog Placement Matching Process

We wish we could provide a dog to each person who contacts us, but we are careful not to make promises we can’t keep as the match between dog and disabled handler is an important part of the formula for a successful team. We do not place dogs based on the date a person first contacted us. Because we are a small program and cannot guarantee a match for every applicant, we encourage you to check the websites for Assistance Dogs International (ADI) as they have links to all their member’s organizations and many places dogs with veterans.

After receipt of the Pre-Application for San Diego Veterans Service Dog Placement form, our Applicant Coordinator will contact you for additional information.

Pre-Application for San Diego Veterans Service Dog Placement

When filling out the Pre-Application for San Diego Veterans Service Dog Placement, make sure to answer ALL the questions thoroughly. We appreciate it!

Do you live in San Diego County?

Do you plan to remain in San Diego for at least 12 months?


Have you been reviewed by a medical board within the last 12 months?*

Active Duty Injury?*

Doctor's and Medicine Information

Would you authorize your doctor(s) to provide us with relevant health information?*

Alcohol consumed

Residency and Lifestyle information

Have you ever been convicted of a felony?

Your plans & Goals

Miscellaneous Information

Would you be able to meet the financial commitment required to maintain your dog's ongoing needs after placement?*

I certify that all statements I have made in this form are true to the best of my knowledge:

After completing the entire form, click on the SEND button below. We will contact you in a timely manner, or if we don't receive your submitted form within 14 days, please contact us at [email protected] or if you prefer by phone call our office at (858) 558-7297