Therapy Dog Prep School has returned to our Training Center!

The Mission of Pawsitive Teams

To enhance the lives of individuals with special needs who live in San Diego County by using the skills of highly-trained service and therapy dogs.


Our service dogs in-training live with our volunteer trainers from puppyhood through placement, ensuring skilled, consistent training. This eliminates the high fixed-costs of kenneling and its concomitant stress on the animals. Pawsitive Teams uses only positive reinforcement training (Operant Conditioning), a proven method based on sound scientific principles. Pawsitive Teams has created new programs for disabled individuals in San Diego County.

THERAPY DOG PROGRAM: While a number of “meet and greet” therapy dog organizations are active in San Diego County, Pawsitive Teams’ Goal-Directed Therapy Dog Program is unique; certified handler/therapy dog teams work directly with professionals to provide goal-directed therapy for the recipients.

FACILITY DOG PROGRAM: Our facility dogs have all been trained through the service dog training program but placed with professionals within the community and used to actively accomplish client-related goals. These dogs live with the facility dog handler.