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Comfort Corner—Summer 2023

Comfort Corner—Summer 2023

Date July 1, 2023

By Marilyn Davis
Pawsitive Teams Volunteer

Like pebbles thrown into still water, Pawsitive Teams dogs spread comfort—ripples in a pond.
It’s often said, regarding our connection with our dogs, “love goes down the leash.” But we also need to remember that our dogs can sense our negative as well as positive emotions—all of our feelings travel down the leash, especially stress. Canine therapy interactions are deeply rewarding; however, they can be unsettling at times, depending upon the needs and circumstances of the people we visit. We want to keep our spirits lifted so we can send love down the leash and outward.

Here are a few reminders to help counter the emotional toll that may result from some therapy work and maximize our positive experience.

  • Physical self-care before and after a therapy interaction—yoga, walking, whatever relaxes you.
  • Treat yourself—buy flowers or something special for yourself on the day of scheduled therapy. And for your loyal partner? Try a pup cup, free at many establishments. Stop by on the way home. Sit outside. Enjoy.
  • Be aware of the need to stay positive— meditation, affirmations, and calls to friends and family can greatly reduce stress.

When it comes to ourselves, remember to HANDLE WITH CARE.
Pass it along.