WANTED: Service Dog Trainers & Assistants!

We’re Expanding our Facility Dog Program!

What happens to dogs that have been service dogs-in-training for two years but just aren’t exactly right to be Service Dogs? At Pawsitive Teams, we have often asked these dogs to change careers and become Facility Dogs. We placed our first Facility Dog in 2006!

A Facility Dog is a specifically trained dog that works with a professional on a daily basis in the workplace (e.g., clinical/healthcare, school, military base, courthouse, or similar) setting. A Facility Dog and handler typically work together full time and live under the same roof. They are not defined by law and are only allowed in the professional’s specific workplace and where pets are allowed.

As a teacher, counselor, social worker, physical therapist, occupational therapist, or other helping professional, you might wonder if your personal pet could become a Facility Dog. It turns out, maybe they can through our newly expanded Facility Dog Program! Pawsitive Teams is starting our first class for personal pets to be trained and certified as Facility Dogs. This new 6-month program kicks off in June, and we hope to have this first set of teams certified and off to work in the fall.

By offering this program, Pawsitive Teams hopes to have more trained, certified Facility Dogs out at San Diego’s work sites, serving the needs of children, adults, service members and others. With each Facility Dog team placed, our reach extends by hundreds of citizens. If you’d more information, contact [email protected].