WANTED: Service Dog Trainers & Assistants!

Pawsitive Teams’ Therapy Dog Program grows in 2023!

It has been an exciting year for our Therapy Dog Program. Our therapy teams have grown as we certified 20 teams this year! This is great news for our program as we need these certified teams to continue and expand our goal-directed therapy work in the community. A couple of…

Comfort Corner, Remembering Judy Fridono and Ricochet

Like pebbles thrown into still water, Pawsitive Teams’ dogs spread comfort—ripples in a pond. In each newsletter we share one of their stories   In all my years associated with Pawsitive Teams, I have never seen a more extraordinary human/dog partnership than Judy Fridono and Ricochet. In t

Q4 Executive Director’s Corner

This time of the year always seems to be something of a hustle-bustle, right?  As I put away the Halloween décor,  I’ve noticed that some on my street already have their holiday lights going. As I write this in early November, I’m left with thinking about the events in between…

Meet Bear & Bertie!
Date January 24, 2022

      On November 18th, 2021 a litter of puppies was born to mother Maya at Bennett Goldens here in San Diego. Twins are incredibly rare in that they share the same amniotic sac. Pawsitive Teams was slated to bring on one male puppy, but due to the fact…