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Pawsitive Teams’ Therapy Dog Program grows in 2023!

It has been an exciting year for our Therapy Dog Program. Our therapy teams have grown as we certified 20 teams this year! This is great news for our program as we need these certified teams to continue and expand our goal-directed therapy work in the community. A couple of data points are that:

  • 10 of our newly certified teams are working with another dog or have worked with another dog in the past, a tribute to their human’s love of this type of volunteer work, and
  • 11 teams were recertified. Therapy teams must be re-evaluated every 2 years to maintain their hard-earned certification so we applaud them.

This year we established two new sites, Rock Springs Elementary in Escondido and the Probation Department’s Youth Transition Campus.
Here is where the new teams are volunteering:

  • Christine & Ping, Susan & Onofrio, Marc & Sunny, Penny & Cricket, Debi & Camper, and Margery &
  • Frannie have gone to the Probation Department.
  • Terry & Orion, Laura & Talitha, Debi & Camper, and Karen & Percy have gone to The Winston School,
  • Annie & Smokey & Debi Parker have been at Rock Springs Elementary School.
  • Christine & Ping have gone to Abraxas High School.
  • Marti & Angel are doing visits at Clairemont High School.
  • Margery & Frannie, Barbara & Gill, and Penny & Cricket have participated with the CICR group.
  • Our Therapy Dog Prep School is booked through 2024. The 2025 class schedules are now open and are beginning to get booked, so if you have a pup who will be ready to attend in 2025, it’s time to sign up now!