WANTED: Service Dog Trainers & Assistants!

Our Facility Dogs Have Graduated!!

  When we last updated you, the Facility Dogs in our new Academy program were deep into their training. Since then, all completed their coursework and passed their exams. Their graduation in October was a huge success. We had almost 50 people in attendance including several Board members, Bear�

Facility Dogs in Transition Training

In addition to our three Service Dogs in Training, Mac, Sundance, and Wilson, we currently have five Facility Dog Teams in transition training. Three teams are Pawsitive Teams career change dogs, and two teams are personally-owned dogs going through our new Facility Dog Academy. Here they are! Bear

Hospitalman 2nd Class Cork Reporting!

by Kim Elliott (Live-streamed and found on the Naval Medical Center San Diego Facebook page.) On June 5th, at the Naval Medical Center San Diego, Pawsitive Teams Facility Dog Cork and L.C. (Facility Dog from Southeastern Guide Dogs), received their official ranks on newly designed uniforms. Captain

My, How You’ve Grown!

Pawsitive Teams Celebrates its 25th Year   Think back to 1997, if you were even born:-) Two women, Carol Davis and Charli King, in the Rancho Bernardo neighborhood of San Diego, were puppy raisers for a local service dog training organization. They would spend many, many months working with and…

In the Beginning …. Who is Pawsitive Teams?

Charli King and I started Pawsitive Teams (PT) in 1997 after being introduced to the world of service dogs while puppy raising for two different service dog organizations. We both embraced the concept but wanted to have more contact with those receiving these well-trained dogs and we also wanted to…