Therapy Dog Prep School has returned to our Training Center!

The person who will visit with the dog must complete this form. If you are not the owner, you must provide written proof of permission to handle this dog.

Information on our Goal Directed Therapy Programs

There is a PDF file that describes each of these programs that will give you some insight what they offer, so feel free to download it. Also, feel please share it with your family or friends. We would greatly appreciate it.

Goal Directed Therapy Programs


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Certification with Pawsitive Teams Therapy Dog Programs only applies during Pawsitive Teams sponsored activities. The liability insurance will not cover you during any other therapy related programs or activities. Please indicate YES or NO that you understand these restrictions.

Preliminary Information

I have read the information at the top of this form and understand that liability insurance related to Pawsitive Teams certified therapy dog teams only covers sponsored activities of this organization.

I am interested in the PAAT Program, working with health care or educational professionals in a goal-directed setting.

Applicant Information

References: Please give us the names of two personal or business contacts who can act as references on your behalf (no family members). Include person's name, daytime number and relationship.

Do you belong to any clubs or organizations?

Do you train with Operant Conditioning methods (i.e. positive reinforcement & clicker training)?

Are you and your dog certified with any therapy dog organizations?

Dog Information


Spayed or Neutered?

Dog’s City License Current?

Behavioral Information

Has your dog ever bitten another dog?

Does your dog sleep inside at night?

Is your dog housebroken?

Does your dog signal to go outside?

Does your dog toilet on command?

Does your dog behave while being bathed?

Is your dog allowed on the furniture at home?

Is your dog currently working as a therapy dog?

Thank You for your interest in our program!

DECLARATION: To the best of my knowledge and belief, all the statements made above are true and complete. I understand that submitting this form will serve as my electronic signature.

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