Therapy Dog Prep School has returned to our Training Center!

If you feel you would qualify and be interested in a Facility Dog, please complete the following Inquiry Form.

This is not a formal application. It is an inquiry so we can learn more about potential Facility Dog matches. We do not require formal applications until we feel we have an appropriate dog. Inquiries are kept in our files for future matching. We will contact you as soon as we receive this form so that we can meet and talk more about your work environment and suitability for having a Facility Dog.

You MUST live in the San Diego area. If you are not in the San Diego area, DO NOT proceed!

Personal Information


Backgound Information

Residency and Lifestyle information

After completing the entire form, click on the SEND button below. We will contact you in a timely manner, or if we don't receive your submitted form within 14 days, please contact us at [email protected] or if you prefer by phone call our office at (858) 558-7297